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Working with Coastal Engineering and Testing Company to provide required specialized services on your project provides the following benefits:

COST-EFFECTIVE RECOMMENDATIONS: Because of our extensive experience with local soil conditions, our cost-conscious engineering philosophy, and our confidence in our engineering judgement, we typically provide more cost-effective foundation recommendations.


QUICK RESPONSE: Internal deadlines - maximum of 10 business days from notice to proceed for most projects.


PRINCIPAL INVOLVEMENT: We guarantee the involvement of CETCO's principal decision-makers, and most experienced engineers in your project. Your study will not be delegated to a staff engineer at a branch office. Refer to the attached listing of Key Personnel who will be assigned to your projects.


LOCALLY-OWNED SMALL BUSINESS: CETCO is a locally-owned small business founded in Charleston by Michael Allen, P.E. in 1984. We have enjoyed a 25-year history providing quality, cost-effective consulting services to the Charleston market as our principal source of business. Access to decision-makers during and following the study is readily available. Our offices and well-equipped certified laboratory are located on Remount Road in North Charleston, SC.


FOLLOW-UP SERVICES: CETCO is fully capable of providing follow-up services including on-going assistance with the Design Team, value engineering studies, etc. Also, we offer full-scope foundation and construction materials testing and construction quality control services.



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